Why I'm "Average"

I may be "below average," actually.  So, if I can do this--if I can finish a marathon, I'm convinced that anyone can.

Here's what makes me average or below average at the start of this endeavor:

Time constraints: 
(1) I work at a law firm (read: long hours).
(2) I'm earning a Masters degree part-time.

Physical weirdness:
(1) I injured my back waiting tables a few years ago.  Every so-often, that nasty injury rears its ugly head, and I can't walk until I see a chiropractor.
(2) For some reason that I can't explain, my right foot goes numb when I run.  This is especially so when I run up or down hills.  Weird.
(3) Running makes my ears hurt, so I always wear something over my ears.  Otherwise, I'm rendered immobile with a migraine from hell.

Physical Stats:
31 years old

I can't believe I just wrote that.

Running Stats at the start of this blog:
13:34 mi./min.

Book of Inspiration:
Born to Run