About the Blog

Hi there.  My name is Jessie, and I totally suck at running.

Practically my whole life, I've hated the idea of running, but I've always envied those people who seem to love it.  Finally, I decided that maybe if I "wogged" (my version between a walk and a jog), I wouldn't hate running so much.

I decided after finishing law school--which rendered me pretty much exercise withdrawn for 3 years--I would set out to accomplish what seems like the impossible feat: I will run a marathon.  Yup.  Don't know how it's all going to work out, but that's my goal.

The thing is, though, whenever I look at runners magazines, I become so deflated at the fact that there are no stories about truly average people attaining such a goal.  Everyone in those mags is already super fit.  They've run god knows how many marathons; their goals are to run their next one faster.

Not only that, but do any of these runners have jobs?  Like, real jobs?  I work all the time at a law firm and just don't feel like I would even have the time to dedicate to, say, a 100-mile week... let alone a 6-mile one.

I thought: AHHHH!  There's simply NO outlet for an average person like me to talk about the REAL struggles of running.  The physical.  The mental.  The emotional.  Hell, the financial.

So, I've created what I felt was missing.  This is the truly average person's blog about her attempt to run.  I'm an average age (31), with likely average body fat; I work more than the average number of hours in a week.  So, the question will be: can I make this thing happen?  The implication is: if I can, so can you!  :D

I'll be posting videos at least weekly about my successes and failures.  Come join me.  We can do this.